Monday, November 10, 2008

Rotisserie Chicken

Enough cannot be said about the rotisserie chicken. I buy at least 2 a week. During the summer months, I have the hottest kitchen in America. So instead of baking or boiling chicken, I just buy a rotisserie chicken. I love it. We make chicken salad, chicken tacos, chicken and dumplings, pretty much anything and everything under the sun with the rotisserie's even yummy to eat just "as is". So for all of you that have no time to cook, this is your best friend.
I will buy a rotisserie chicken and take all the meat off and then freeze it so anytime I need chicken, I just pop it out of the fridge. I LOVE the rotisserie chicken! They should make a national holiday for the Rotisserie Chicken! All Hail the Rotisserie Chicken.

More rotisserie chicken recipes to follow...

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and_she_makes_four said...

Jaime, every week I purchase at least one rotisserie chicken at the store. I LOVE IT! Easy to use in any recipe or over salad. Rotisserie chicken taste SO much better in recipes, I find.

I hear you, I think today, November 10th should be National Rotisserie Chicken Day.