Thursday, November 20, 2008


T.G.I.F...because that means it's READER SUBMISSION FRIDAY! First let me say that I'm really happy that every one is getting into this foodie blogging that Jen and I just recently started doing. It's turned into such a fun hobby and I love all the participation...thanks folks! Keep the recipes (and if you as well) coming...we LOVE them! Now on to business....Today we are featuring none other than my crazy and fun loving cousin Jana Murphy... and her family...from the pictures it looks like this was a team effort.

I really need a clearer pic of you Jana...this is all I could find. Sorry!

I don't have the recipe yet (um, er, actually have to send the most pertinent information...the actual recipe would be really helpful), but as soon as she emails me I will update this post.

Quick Bio by Jaime: Jana is my first aunt Marti's daughter. She is more like our adopted sister though. She is an only child and has always kinda been like one of us kids....the Guill kids that is. We torture her mercilessly and deep down, she know she loves it. She is better known as Jana Banana and I'm really trying to get her to patent that such luck yet!

She is married to Ken who is good friends with my's frightening how much they look and act's like Jana married my dad...eeeewwwwww.

Just kidding Ken, we love ya! They have one absolutely zany fun loving crazy adorable daughter...River McKenna Maggie that's Irish for ya folks.

I cannot say enough about Jana. Not only is she sooo beautiful (my son Gavin gets his beautiful blue eyes from her...she told me say that), she is kind and generous. She has so much love to give. Everytime she comes to visit from Cali, she never comes without gifts for everyone (and they are always wrapped!). She writes letters, emails, sends pictures and calls weekly. She is one of those people that you know will always have you in her thoughts come rain or shine. So with out much further ado, I give you Jana Banana's Bruschetta.

Great Mother Daughter Team!

I love kids that like to help cook.
Good job River!

Ken thinks "WOW, Jana, can cook and it's GOOD!"

That's all folks...BON APPETITE!

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and_she_makes_four said...

I love, LOVE what you made, I just need the recipe so I can make it! I love the pics too! Cracks me up!