Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fried Green Tomatoes

Bart, Triston (our son) and I were able to visit North and South Carolina over the past week - we wanted a little vacation before baby GIGI (Gillian Grace) arrives in a few weeks. Many of you know that a lot of my recipes are from my mother-n-law and her friends who are all from the Carolinas, gotta love the south. I dined on SO many dishes it wasn't even funny, it was a pregnant women's dream come true.

As soon as I get the pictures developed, I'll show you pics of the dishes I ate while I was in the Carolinas and YES, call me crazy, I took pictures of my food, with pride, despite the locals looking at me like I was crazy.
When we were driving to Cherry Grove (Myrtle Beach) in South Carolina, my father-n-law stopped at a veggie stand where low and behold, I saw something truly beautiful, a basket full of green tomatoes! I bought a few pounds and was so thrilled knowing that I would be making some fried green tomatoes at the beach-house.

The recipe is truly so easy and if you haven't had the chance to make it, and you run into green tomatoes, GO FOR IT!!

I brought some green tomatoes home, gave a few pounds to my sister Tammy and kept a few for Bart and I.

Here's the recipe, enjoy!

Green tomatoes, eggs, flour, salt and oil (olive oil works great)
Slice the tomatoes, not too thick, not too thin.
Dip a slice into the egg and then cover with flour. I repeat the step for a crispy tomatoe.
Place in a hot pan of Olive Oil, medium high heat and cook until nice and golden brown.
After golden brown, lower the heat to low and let cook until tomatoe starts to soften inside. Once they are done place on paper towels and sprinkle with sea salt or Kosher salt.


sydgav said...

I'm going to forgive you just this once that you went to the Carolinas and did not bring your bloggin best friend green must have been your pregnancy brain!

sydgav said...

By the way, I'm drooling over these and you're right...olive oil is the best!

j & j dish it out said...

Oh and one more thing...did you say "develop" your film??? What age are you living in...girl!! (girl said with a Kentucky accent like my dad or the Jacksons)