Monday, December 22, 2008

The Great Cookie Disaster

This is not a good story to share when you're trying to show people that you actually kind of know how to cook...but I will admit...I'm an amateur and all amateurs deserve to have a "blonde" moment, right? (No insult intended if you are mother and sisters are blonde..HA!).

So I love to bake...especially in the winter. Cookies are my weakness. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cookies. There is no cookie I won't try and especially now since I have this cooking blog, I'm always looking for new recipes. So I found this yummy sounding cookie from this blog called Picky Palate. They were called Chocolate Cinnamon Crispers.

The recipe called for cinnamon chips. Now when I read this, I got all excited, because I remember that I had some cinnamon chips in the spice cabinet. I had bought them from this co-op that I buy fruits and veggies from. I'm not sure why I bought them...I'm sure they were cheap and I figured I would use them some time. I wasn't even sure what they were for but, needless to say, I had them so I was going to try the recipe out.

I got all the dough mixed together and got ready to stir my cinnamon chips in and noticed that they were kinda hard. I nibbled on one and as it moistened in my mouth, it did become a little softer. I figured they would just soften up in the baking process. So I proceeded. I baked them up and they looked super yummy. I let them cool. I bit into one and almost broke a tooth. I thought...what the heck? So I kept eating it thinking maybe, just maybe I had gotten a bad chip. I ate the whole cookie, but it was hard...hard to eat that is. I kept chomping down on hard bits. Well I didn't proceed with the rest of the mix. I was worried.

My hubby Scott came home from work and this is how the conversation went:

Scott: Smells good, what are you making?

Jaime: I was making cookies but I almost broke a tooth when I bit into one.

Scott (laughing): Well what did you put in them.

Jaime: These cinnamon chips that I bought from Bountiful Baskets.

Scott: Let me see them.

Scott examines the chips

Scott: Jaime, these are obvious WOOD.

Jaime: Really???

I go straight to the computer and look up these so called cinnamon chips...and lo and behold...I had eaten an entire cookie full of

I'm an idiot!!!

What's your cooking disaster?

UPDATE: I was supposed to use these:


TinaB said...

LOL I'm cracking up - that's almost as good as my Staples story - remember hahahaha

My crazy crazy life said...

No, I don't remember...refresh my memory...hurry, I'm hanging on the suspense.

Sharon said...

Oh my, wood? Hahaha, thanks for sharing such a great story!

Well, no cookie disaster for me. I'm just known to burn things in general. When melting marshmallows on the stove, I ended up burning them.... Yes, I do wonder how I managed to do that myself too.

Sunny ;D said...

That's HILARIOUS! And I wanna hear the Staple story.

Sunny ;D said...

Oh and did you ever re-make the cookies with the right chips? How were they?

j & j dish it out said...

Hey Sunny, no I haven't made them the right way yet. I'm eager though because they are on my mind now. I am having a hard time finding those darn cinnamon chips...the non-wood kind.

Jenny said...

Hilarious Jamie! I would have died! What a great story though! Merry Christmas!

rookie cookie said...

WOW. Amazing. So glad you blogged it.

~RED~ said...

OMG!!! That is wayyyy tyo funny!!! HAHAH Betcha wont do that again!