Sunday, February 22, 2009

Oyster Stew/Soup

Growing up, my father would make oyster soup and us three girls would fight over a bite! Of course, not everyone likes oysters but if you do, you must try this soup. In North Carolina, this dish a huge hit and they call it, "Oyster Stew". Soup or Stew, if your a fan of the oyster, you must try this easy, flavorful soup.
1 8 oz can of oysters, broth and all
1 cup of milk
1 tablespoon of butter
salt and pepper

I start off by putting the milk in a small pot and add the butter, cook until the butter is melted and then add the oysters. Remember, you get a lot of the base flavor from the liquids found in the can of canned oysters...don't drain, ADD TO YOUR SOUP!

Add pepper and a pinch of salt...serve with crackers and enjoy!



My crazy crazy life said...

Oh wow, this looks so tasty. What kind of milk did you use? Skim, 2% or whole?

and_she_makes_four said...

Jaime, with this soup, use whole gives it so much MORE flavor. It's SOOO good, perfect soup just for you during the day. Wait til you try it, the liquids from the canned oysters with the milk and butter, tasty!

Grégoire said...

nice one. i generally just eat oysters raw with crackers. i'll have to try it this way.

Joie de vivre said...

I think I would love this!

Claudia Bullard said...

i'm from north carolina i love this dish, i love making this dish so, this isn't prepared completely correct, : you first separate the oysters and the juice then melt your butter and saute your oysters then add milk/oyster juice (dont let boil)