Sunday, March 8, 2009

Loco Moco a treat from Hawaii

I use to semi-live in Hawaii and 2 years ago or so, Bart, Triston and I spent an amazing week there. Just like any place we visit, we love, LOVE hitting up the hole in the wall restaurants. On the way to ride horses in the mountains of Hawaii, we stopped at this dive for brunch and I ordered one of the best Loco Moco's I've ever had in my life.
This dish consist of only 4 ingredients and is divine when you can't think of what you want for dinner and you want something easy yet filling and something the entire family would like.

Ingredients for a family of 4:

4 hamburger patties (make them the way you would make a grilled hamburger)

3-4 cups of cooked white rice

brown gravy (I used the packet to save on time)

4 eggs (fried)

Make your patties thin and cook them in a pan or grill. Cook your white rice, fry your eggs and make your gravy. Once that is all done, it's time to assemble.

First put a good amount of white rice on the plate.

Add your egg.

Now add your hamburger patty and cover with brown gravy.

It was so good, look at how my son ate the entire Loco Moco!


~micahgirlaz~ said...

I HAVE to try this!!

banana said...

gotta love hawaii

Kevin said...

That looks good!