Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 100 posts!!!

I can't believe Jaime and I have hit the 100 mark here on Jaime and Jen Dish It Out! I remember starting this process with Jaime, I was half-way through my pregnancy with my sweet daughter Gillian and all I could do was spend time at home, mainly the kitchen, possibly why I put on 50 pounds while pregnant. It has been a blast cooking in the kitchen, blogging about awesome dishes that Bart and I created but honestly, and most of all, it's been such a fun time getting closer to my crazy yet so sweet friend, Jaime. Though I've known Jaime for decades now, the fact that she and my oldest sister, Tammy were BFF's growing up and Maids of Honors in each others weddings, I love the fact that time has not put a damper on our friendship and best of all, food and the love of cooking and cutting (inside joke) has brought us even more closer. Bravo Jaime, thanks for being a great chef in the kitchen but for also being such a good friend to me.

Isn't Jaime cute?

When I was 17 weeks pregnant, Bart and I received devestating news on our daughter...who was the one person who called me check on me and actually listened to my words, sweet Jaime. I'll never forget that she was that one person, besides my family who made an effort to be a true friend. Though the news went from really bad to great, Jaime has never let me down as a friend and truly she is my blogging BFF or AKA, B-BFF.

Thanks Jaime for making my life a little more fun, blogging our dishes here, lunches we take, Facebook and other fun things we get to do as friends.

Thanks to everyone else who has stuck with Jaime and I while we embarked on this little chapter of our life where we as friends get to Dish It Out.

My blogging BFF!

Okay, Jaime here!! ...and Jen...you're making me blush! I have had so much fun doing this with you! There are so many people that have inspired me to start cooking but it was Jen who kind of nudged me along. It started out with "what are you making for dinner"...then it turned into "you have to try this!!!" and then on to "let's help other people"...and now we have this blog!

Jen is a great friend. She's funny, spirited, loving, and just makes me laugh and makes me happy ALL THE TIME! I'm glad we started this venture together and I love you dearly Jen.
One of my favorite things about Jen is...IT'S ALL ABOUT THE FOOD!

Thanks to everyone else that has really helped us take off with this blogging thing. Special thanks to Amber Dellisanti who totally supported us from the beginning and has really stayed loyal. Other people we would like to thank are Kristen and Jana...they were so eager to send in dishes and to try whatever we have made and posted on here. A special thanks to my hubby and kids. They are the poor souls that have to be the taste testers for this blog and there were some nights when they went hungry because of my cooking disasters. But for the most part, they have really enjoyed this as much as I have. My daughter Sydney, has enjoyed it so much, she has even started her own cooking blog for kids...Sydney's Cafe.

Well here's to 100 posts and to 100 more! Hopefully 1000 more. Thanks Jen...I can't wait to see "What's Cookin" next.


Mary Schneider said...

You guys are hot!

Amber Dellisanti said...

Jen - I've never seen anyone do a sexy pose with food before. I LOVE it! I'm so glad you two started this blog. I think you motivate other's by showing them how easy and rewarding it can be to cook at home. Keep the recipes coming! I check every day to see if there is something new. Love you both! xoxo

Tristan said...

You two make the kitchen a little hotter ..... If you know what i mean. WINK WINK.Jen thanks for being in Jaime's life you make her happy and I love you for that .....When i get a email of a new posted recipe im so excited i feel like its a personal letter to me .....yea how fun .... and my husband actually loved that i was taken a new interest in cooking.....so the Murphy family eagerly a waits your next 100 blogs.

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Grégoire said...

congratulations on 100 articles. i'm getting hungry just looking at the archives.

The Inexperienced Foodie said...

congrats on your 100 post! seems like you have a wonderful time posting

Kevin said...

Congrats on 100 tasty posts!