Friday, October 24, 2008

How do you plan your meals for the week?

How do you plan your weekly meals? I love to watch the Food Network and I love getting awesome recipes from their website and I usually try at least 1-2 new recipes a week. Sometimes, however, I have absolutely no idea what to put on my grocery list (I guess this is why Jaime and I created this blog). So, from mom to mom, or wife to wife, how do you do it? Please feel free to share your ideas on getting your grocery list going.


My crazy crazy life said...

Great blog Jen,
Well for starters since budgets are tight right now, I first check my pantry and my freezer to see what I have to work with. Once I see what I have, I will go to food blogs or food network or go back to my trusty recipe books and try to go from there. I try to experiment with at least one new recipe a week. We don't hardly ever eat out but do take out like once a week. So I only have to plan for 5 or 6 days and mostly dinner as the kids and Scott are away from home. We eat alot of chicken so I'm always looking for chicken recipes. We eat red meat once a week and I try to squeeze in a fish dish too. I'm always at a loss though and I hope this blog will help me and others. Thanks Jen!

rookie cookie said...

I do it the opposite of the commenter above. I look at what I feel like making (I make about 4 set meals a week, leftover for the other days). I look though the list and make a mental check list of what I have. Then on the things I am not totally positive on, I check. And then for the things I know I don't have, I put them on the list. For things we run out of during the week (pantry items such as peanut butter or bread), I keep a list of those on the fridge.

Another tip, when making a list, categorize the items in where you would find them in the grocery store. A list for produce, a list for canned goods and condiments and so on.

j & j dish it out said...

Rookie Cookie!!! I feel so honored you commented on our blog. I love your blog and have already made several recipes. I reference you ALOT. Thanks again!

note to self said...

i made 5 different 2wk menus. put them in word doc. then another word doc w/all ingrds listed w/blank lines at the bottom to add stuff i need that trip like TP, milk, dog food... print it, add those things, cross off what i already have and there you go! i haven't used it in a while, not sure why i stopped, maybe it didn't work very well? i'm gonna try again soon tho:)