Monday, August 30, 2010

Sandy's Yummy Mexican Appetizer

I really had no other name to call this. Sandy's Festive Dip....Sandy's Cream Cheese Avocado Dip...wait...what? It's not even a dip. I have no clue what IT is...I just know that it's super tasty!

My cute little friend Paula had us over for a pool party and she was making Street Tacos so a few of us brought over Mexican appetizers. I brought Jaime's To Die For Dip (which my cousin Jana seems to think it's called Jana's To Die For Dip, yeah right, she stole it from us), to be blogged later. And my other friend Sandy (who just moved to Canada :( I am so sad!), brought this appetizer. I had never had it before and I couldn't get enough of it. It has slices of cream cheese, who couldn't LOVE it, right??? Super easy to make.

All you do is slice cream cheese, then top with sliced avocados and then pour your favorite salsa over the top and OLE, it's party time.


Kathy said...

How unique! I've never seen anything like it! Looks and sounds delicious!!! I'll have to give it a try!

megan said...

Yum I can't wait to make this

Jenifer (and_she_makes_four) said...

OMGosh, this looks so good Jaime!!!!!!! Next party, make this! I wanna eat it up!

Our Life (snapshots included) said...

It was sooo awesome Jaime! It's my FAV (well maybe after those mushrooms we make!!) We will have to have you guy's over again soon! For football maybe?!! Since I know you can cook I will make you bring something everytime!! =) Loves & hugs! ~Paula~